Richmond truly is the river city. There are dozens of cities around the world that make this claim but Richmond’s mighty James is full of history, fun, and tradition.  Let’s explore what makes the James so special and hopefully you will agree that it really is the place to be!

James River

The James is the longest river in the state of Virginia and the 12th longest in the US.  It is the last confirmed living area for the atlantic sturgeon, a fish that was once very common and can grow to massive proportions. In fact, a hobby of bravery for local Native American tribes was to attempt to ride sturgeon as far as possible to prove their manhood.  In 1779 a Richmonder achieved the same feat and became a local legend. Thankfully local efforts have seen the population on the rise.The James river played a huge part in developing Virginia’s economy and transporting goods around the country.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle was originally explored by Captain John Smith and has served many purposes during its history. The island was used as a POW camp for Union prisoners during the civil war and later as a hydroelectric plant to provide Richmonders power and trolley transportation. Today it has been turned into a city park, with several walking bridges allowing access to the island and some amazing water views. The island boasts many walking and hiking trails, as well as several swimming and rock climbing options. There is a recently renovated bike park and many unique wildlife to enjoy. 

Canal Walk

A truly special part of Richmond this beloved walkway boasts many unique shops and views of the river. The canal walk provides a great way to explore the city and immerse yourself in the history of Richmond. The walk leads to several islands, a pipeline trail to a heron habitat, restaurants, and a canal boat tour! This area also has several great festivals and concerts throughout the year. 

The James also offers many recreational activities. From fishing along the shoreline to trying out numerous water sports, the James has it all!  Parts of the river have some great rapids while others are very calm. Check out local rental shops to find the right equipment for your next adventure. If you are feeling extremely adventurous be sure and rent out an island for camping! What more could you want?

This blog post only begins to describe how important the James is to Richmond and hopefully it will inspire you to go out and explore this natural beauty that enhances our city!





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