Are you considering Richmond, Virginia, for your place of retirement? It may be the ideal choice, with Virginia being 7th on the list of best states for retirees, coming in just above Florida. Choosing a city is one thing and finding the right home for your needs is an entirely different challenge. Enlisting the help of an experienced real estate agent can help! Housing options for seniors in Richmond include a house in a Richmond neighborhood, a home in a retirement community, and an assisted living facility.

Would some house-hunting tips on your options for living in Richmond help take some stress off during this difficult transition? The following are insights for seniors on each of the three major housing choices:

Look for a Home with Universal Design

If you seek to buy your own home in Richmond, you may want to begin by searching for homes with universal design. These are homes that accommodate the changing health-related needs seniors often face over the years. A real estate agent in the area can help you find homes with one or more of the top accessibility features that meet the average needs of aging individuals, which include:

  • Wide doors and hallways. When you are house-hunting in Richmond, you may appreciate the great visual appeal of wide doors and hallways, but keep in mind that they also provide a home with wheelchair accessibility.

  • No-step entryways. Falls are the top health threat for retirees, with a senior being treated for a fall in an emergency room every 11 seconds. No-step entryways reduce the risk of falling whenever you enter and leave your home.

  • Excellent lighting. As we age, our eyes eventually lose half of their previous effectiveness. If your home has great lighting, it will help keep you safer and will also provide a better quality of life than if you were living in a dim environment.

  • Lever faucets and door knobs. Compared to all other segments of the population, seniors are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. For seniors with arthritis, door knobs and faucet handles can become too difficult, if not impossible, to use. Lever handles are a great solution. As a senior who is house-hunting in Richmond, a home with lever faucets and door handles is one of the features your real estate agent can help you find.

Not only are these features desirable to ensure that you are ready for the years ahead, but they also make a home visitable by anyone, regardless of physical limitations that may exist.

Choose a Retirement Community Carefully

If you opt to live in a retirement community, you can enjoy many freedoms from responsibilities associated with owning a home, such as lawn care and snow removal. There are at least 41 adult retirement communities in Richmond for seniors age 55+, but independent living retirement communities are not all alike. You can save time by narrowing down the features you are most interested in. The following are examples of good questions to ask as you seek a retirement community in Richmond where you can enjoy your golden years:


Which meals are provided, and what are the rules of dining? For instance, are there meal options? If you bring a guest to a meal, what is the cost? Perhaps most importantly–is the food tasty?

Activity Calendar

How vibrant is the community, as far as opportunities for social interaction? What type of attendance do activities usually have? Also, ask specifically whether your favorite activity is offered on the calendar.

Is Medical Care Provided?

Is it a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), providing full access to nurses and on-site medical facilities? If not, what type of help is available in case of emergency? Are any steps taken to ensure my safety and health, in case I have a medical need?

Consider Other Senior Living Options

If you are starting to have trouble moving around and find yourself needing assistance with daily activities or you anticipate needing more help in the future, it may be wise to consider other senior living options in Richmond. Assisted living is the best choice for individuals who need assistance with common activities of daily life, such as dressing, utilizing the toilet, bathing, and eating. Richmond has many communities to choose from; and there are various features you may be interested in. You might want to be sure your home with assisted living has updated technology, a busy social calendar, or perhaps opportunities for group travel. Depending on your unique situation, amount and nature of available medical assistance may be of uppermost importance to you.

The Bottom Line

Richmond has plenty of housing options for seniors, and the success of your house-hunting efforts depends largely on the realtor you choose. For personalized help from an experienced real estate professional, call today to get started on house-hunting in Richmond.





written by guest columnist Barbara Thompson, a Senior Care Advocate at