Let’s take the Netflix challenge! Did you know that everyone pays a different amount to watch Netflix? That when you watch an episode of the Office that you could be paying more than anyone else you know?  But wait!  I don’t even pay for Netflix you may say. Even if you are mooching from some one else’s account you are still paying for the luxury of lounging.Every hour of your life is costing you money.

Here’s how: Your living expenses affect how much you pay an hour to do something. If you live in a high cost of living area it will cost you more to do the same activity as someone in a lower cost of living area. Sort of weird to think about but hopefully it helps you decide how you spend your free time and where you want to live. 

Bob loves watching Stranger Things. He spends 2 hours every night streaming the show. How much does this activity cost Bob?  Bob lives near Carytown and his mortgage is currently $2850 a month. Assuming 30 days to a month, everyday costs Bob $30, and roughly $4 an hour. So Bob ends up paying around $8 to watch 2 hours of Netflix a day. He is still mooching off his parent’s account so there isn’t an additional cost.

Jill lives in Lakeside, near Bryan park. She too enjoys watching 2 hours of Stranger Things every night and chatting about each episode with Bob the next day. Her mortgage is currently $1580 a month but she also has to pay for Netflix each month. Her mortgage costs her roughly $53 a day, or $2.20 an hour. Her Netflix account costs $16 a month, or 50 cents a day. Her nightly binge is costing her $5. 

How much does Netflix cost you an hour?  Mine is down to $1.40 but we also have access paid for by family.  What other activities can you think of that costs you more than you realize? How can you shrink these costs over time?  If your costs get too high consider your options with lifestyle and location change.