Satisfied Teal Collar customers

We bought our house with Luke in August of 2018. We weren’t sure what to expect since Luke was a newer agent, but he did a great job. Luke has a strong team of people that work directly with him, and everyone is so quick to help answer questions and solve problems, even after the purchase is complete. We reached out to Luke twice after we completed the purchase with some questions that came up, and he was accessible and helpful both times. It really put us at ease to have such a hardworking realtor that cared about supporting us and explaining each step of the process to us as first time homebuyers.

— Kristena

Satisfied Teal Collar customers

We have had a fantastic experience with Luke at Teal Collar Real Estate. He sold our rental property, will be helping us with selling our current home, and has been an excellent resource in our search for a new one. He is a friendly and down-to-earth individual who always has his clients’ best interests in mind in every situation and works hard to get the best outcome possible. We have appreciated his professionalism, skills, and knowledge throughout our home buying and selling process and highly recommend him as a realtor to anyone who is in search of one! You will not be disappointed.

— Ashley

Satisfied Teal Collar customers

Looking for a real estate agent in Richmond? Look no further! Hire Luke Davis.

Luke is an all-around advocate in the home buying process. He is patient, informative, encouraging, and sincere. He’s an excellent communicator. As first time buyers in a hot housing market, we had a lot of questions and doubts throughout the search and closing process. Luke educated us each step of the way so we could make informed decisions. He helped us set expectations and understand what we needed to do. Luke made time for us and never made us feel like our questions were stupid. And when he said he was going to follow up on something, he did it promptly. Luke was not pushy or “salesy” – he helped us remain reasonable when we got swept up in bidding war fever and counseled us away from becoming house poor!

We ultimately bought an off-market property from a seller who didn’t have a realtor. Luke went above and beyond to establish rapport with our seller, make sure the additional paperwork was correctly filed, and help us carefully craft our offer. Although we hit a few speed bumps in the home buying process (beyond Luke’s power to control), he was committed to helping us navigate those obstacles and get our house.

We could not have asked for a better realtor!    

— Kelsey