What is Teal Collar?


          What is Teal Collar? It describes something in between. You see I’m not quite blue collar and I’m not quite white collar. I am a mix of both. I enjoy using market data and trends to price homes competitively and use my strong negotiation skills to help get your goal accomplished. I have a strong attention to detail, from contract paperwork to home renovations. I enjoy helping clients getting their homes ready to sell and helping buyers make the most of their new space. I have done numerous painting, plumbing, electrical, remodels, and yard projects  to help others.


       So whether you are interested in a fixer upper, but not quite sure how much you should take on yourself or you desire that turn-key, but are not quite sure what you should pay for it, I am here for you to help figure it all out.  The Teal Collar lifestyle  is a lifestyle by design to improve your overall quality of life.